Sableye necklace

Sableye necklace

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Ready to send in 1 month and half / 2 month 

This jewellery is sterling silver 925 made and white gold covered. 

It’s designed and handmade by myself in my own workplace.

length 50cm, thick chain

It will 1,5cm-2cm, all the details will be handmade engraved 

it will have set a garnet 


If any doubt occurs or need to modify sizes or chain length, please don’t hesitate in sending me an email at and I will be pleased to attend and offer my help as soon as possible. 

 Marta Fontanals Gift 

From my brand I work hard to offer you the best possible experience when receiving one of my jewlery, this is why I lavish all of the details, the colors, finishing touch, the boxes, the bow, the envelope, etc. I extremely care of all possible details, for I want to make you feel very special every time you receive one of my jewellery. 

You will receive the piece perfectly wrap to offer like a gift. The box colours or bow will adjust to the season or time of the year, so to make exclusive packaging, as they are limited editions.

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